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Rising to Greatness Community Based Organization is a grassroots youth/women-led organization striving to holistically uplift the social-economic well-being of youth and women in the gold supply chains of Kakamega; positioning them at the forefront of development, growth and self-reliance.

We Work Together

These numbers symbolize lives transformed, communities empowered, and sustainable change achieved. From beneficiaries reached to funds raised, each figure represents an opportunity seized and a challenge overcome.

Youth and Women artisanal miners educated.
Community Stakeholders and actors engaged.
Mainstream and Social Media reach

Who We Are.

Rising to Greatness Organization abbreviated as RIGO is a grassroots youth/women-led organization registered in 2019 with the Ministry of Social Services in Kakamega Kenya. The organization works with vulnerable women and girls and youth artisanal gold miners along the gold supply chains in Kakamega.

Our projects and campaigns are informed by gender equality and inclusion, peace and security and climate action as three key strategic pillars contributing to the attainment of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals number 5, 13 and 16.

The organization is guided by her mission of building sustainable grassroots communities and a vision statement of communities advancing climate action, gender justice and sustainable peace for all.

Thematic Pillars

Our work rests on three solid thematic pillars:

  1. Peace and Security pillar: focuses on addressing conflicts arising from gold exploration and mining by equipping community groups with conflict resolution skills, raising awareness about conflict drivers, and offering recommendations for tension prevention, all aimed at fostering social unity.
  2. Climate Action in the Extractives: With a focus on environmental stewardship, we advocate for climate action in extractive industries, fostering sustainable practices and a greener future.
  3. Gender and Inclusion: Equality is our guiding principle. We work relentlessly to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls in mining sites, promoting gender equality

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